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Curling Stone Reconditioning and Refurbishing

by Thompson Rink Equipment
Recondition both sides (per sheet)

Recondition one side (per sheet)

Reprofiling striking band (per sheet)
Reprofiling is the process of re-exposing the striking band on stones that have worn flat. Continued use of stones with flat striking bands can cause irreparable damage.
Recondition striking band (per sheet) $1600.00
Reconditioning is a process of removing granite and polishing back this area to leave a narrower 1 1/2" total band.
Tileset/Ailset curling stones (per pair)
A layer is sliced from the bottom of each stone and a piece of porcelain tile of blue hone granite is epoxy glued in place. The stone is then reconditioned and guaranteed against pitting and fracturing. This is recommended for clubs with stones that are prone to pitting.

** Call Kevin's Curling Supplies toll free at 888-463-2622 for any curling stone service inquiries. 


Terms and Conditions

A 50% deposit is required for the following products and services:

  • Curling stone reconditioning
  • Curling stone sales
  • Installation of tileset/ailset or tilesert/ailsert
  • Striking band reprotrusion or reconditioning
  • Curling handles when being engraved


All terms are net 30, on approved credit.

2% per month charged on overdue accounts.

Prices do not include GST and are subject to change without notice.

All sales are FOB our Edmonton, unless otherwise stated.

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