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BalancePlus 700 Series Women's Shoes

by BalancePlus

700 Series Women’s Curling Shoes. The lightweight, flexible and breathable sport-style curling shoe is a great addition to the LiteSpeed collection of products. The 700 Series provides an ultra-comfortable design while incorporating many of the features that make BalancePlus footwear the favourite in curling. The phylon outsole and upper materials provide the “Lite”, while both the BalancePlus Slider and LiteSpeed Coating provide the “Speed”. Additionally, we’ve added coloured trim and shoelaces to provide curlers with Options Galore.

700 Series Styles
703: 3/16″ (4.76mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider
704: 1/4″ (6.35mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider

Features of the 700 Series Women’s Curling Shoes:


Available 703 (3/16”) and 704 (1/4”)
Available in three different colours: TEAL trim & shoelaces, GREY trim & shoelaces or RED trim & shoelaces
Lightweight, breathable, textile upper
Ultralight sole
Padded collar
Plain toe design with built-in LiteSpeed coating

Note: Curling shoes are not designed to stop or kick curling stones. BalancePlus is not responsible and will not warranty against wear caused by stopping and kicking stones.


• Two sets of removable insoles
• Two extra sets of shoelaces;
Grey Trim Shoe: teal shoelaces & purple shoelaces
Teal Trim Shoe: grey shoelaces & purple shoelaces
Red Trim Shoe: blue shoelaces & grey shoelaces


Price $195.95

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